The Ghana Barbecue Association seeks to serve as a national platform to promote the Barbecue industry, which eventually will create jobs for the youth and boost the local economy. The GBQA was inaugurated on the 14th of September by Okatakyie Nana Anim, the Board chairman. The inauguration saw hundreds of lovers of barbecue trooping in, to the Swiss Spirit Hotel (Alisa) to have a taste and enjoy the evening. The GBQA is the affiliated member of WBQA, which began on 3rd January 1996 in Switzerland, with the aim of uniting all countries worldwide through the fabulous sport of barbecue. The WBQA uses the element of fire as an instrument to promote a positive way of life, show respect to all. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of region, race or ethnicity. Our corporate mission is that of Respect and Tolerance for Everyone. We support BBQ that is safe, healthy and social, ensuring that we include the public at large.

Meet our amazing team.

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in art, cinematography, design, music, and all niches in between.

Chef Livingstone Asikoye

A skilled professional recognized for comprehensive knowledge of international cuisine with innovative approach.
Award winning back ground with three decades’ in extensive experience in both fine dining, themed banqueting menu development ,exceptional implementation and strong back of house management(HACCP) and proficient Culinary training

Ebenezer Martin Owusu-Ansah

People Engineer

Mr. Ebenezer Martin Owusu-Ansah is the Communications Director of the GBQA. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with Information Studies from the University of Ghana and a Masters degree in Communication Studies from the University of Ghana.
Ebenezer has over 20 years’ experience in Public Relations and media related activities. He comes from a background of caterers who blazed the trail in the baking of wedding cakes in Ghana. Ebenezer loves cooking.

Raymond Kukubor

Office Manager

A flair in the Culinary world good in both local and continental dishes, specification cooking, a recipe developer, food stylist who has made a positive impact to the future generation. Raymond is experienced in cooking and a recipe developer and in the technical no how of problem solving, he is unique in nature.
He has managed restaurants. Has in the past established his own restaurant and food delivery chain, He is an industry player and has been a judge in most institutional cooking competitions. He worn the chocolate day 2018 competition first runner up and also obtained an international culinary certificate from World Chef Association, and has also featured in TV cooking shows.

Akua Danquah Benson

Managing director at ADM SOLUTIONS

Michael Quainoo


Good organizer of kitchen operations, set up all the kitchen section, banquet kitchen, presently catering for over 1000 people for parties, seminars and meetings. Ala carte kitchen, cold ladder kitchen, pastry kitchen.
Also coaches and demonstrates new techniques to cooks and cooking procedures. Ensure and develop food safety plan, monitor stewarding, maintain cleanness and hygienic kitchen. Effective food costing control, budgeting and kitchen planning.

Richard Amoah

Support Specialist

A versatile professional with the skill of preparing both classic and traditional cuisine of the required international standards. Having worked in some of the very high standard environments and now operating a company of my own, Richard aspires to be one of the most sought after professionals in the catering services industry in Ghana and Africa at large.
During his stint with US Marine Guards as a Resident Chef he was noted for his excellence as Barbecue Specialist. He had also served as the wine and beverages specialist with some hotels. Before then he also worked with notable wine and liquor dealership companies such as Say Cheers in Ghana.

Herbert Zinanuba Kongwieh

Herbert Kongwieh is an executive member of the Ghana Barbecue Association (GBQA). He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Ghana. He also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Project Management from Wisconsin International University College and the University of Ghana.
Herbert Kongwieh has over eleven years’ experience in the hospitality sector of Ghana. He has held several positions in Sales and Marketing as well as facility management from Golden Beach Hotels group (La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Elmina Beach Resort and Busua Beach Resort). He is currently the Group sales and Marketing Manager for Alisa Hotels Group. 

Alexander Darku


Excellent in controlling analysis on quality levels of receiving, storage, production and presentation of food and also good balanced and healthy menu planning with keen interest in developing indigenous local foods/dishes to attract international attention.
Has HACCP training from UK, certificate in home economics, city and guilds advanced diploma in culinary arts, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, UK certificate in food hygiene among other culinary arts certificates. Having worked for over 25 years as a chef specialising on Italian and other European and some Asian cuisine, also the former chairman of greater Accra Regional Chefs Association.

Support Specialist