A List of the Best events held with the Association

We organise or hold events and provide top-class services. With our events, we bring on board Qualified and Well Trained ‘Barbecuers’.

You can book for our services to boost the amusement of your occasion and / or events.

Barbecue and Fun Fair

There are so many reasons to come and join us enjoy Barbecue.

  • Enjoy the flavor of all kinds of Barbecue (both Vegetarian and non-Vegetarian) dishes.
  • Socialize and have have fun.
  • and more…

The Launch of Ghana Barbecue association.

This was an event at the Swiss Spirit-Alisa, Accra. Ghana Barbecue Association is a subsidiary of the World Barbecue Association. This event brought together people from all over Ghana and also the Africa Ambassador of the World Barbecue Association.